Ireland’s worldwide reputation for high quality education is built on the solid foundation of commitment to excellence. Ireland is a beautiful island, combining contemporary modern cities with a conventional countryside, offering cityscapes steeped in history and landscapes lush with a rich natural habitat. This English speaking country warmly welcomes all the International students to their safe and friendly environment.

Ireland, being a small island nation is located on the western-most tip of Europe. Over centuries, this has posed huge challenges in terms of commerce, political influence creating a safe place in the world, ranking 12th most peaceful country.Being ranked in the top 20 worldwide for its higher education, National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) system of Ireland enables comparison of different qualifications from different education institutions and ensures their recognition – both in Ireland and overseas.

International students can choose undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas over a full range of disciplines. Ireland’s Higher Education Institutions have various courses to offer across the spectrum of different disciplines.

For entrepreneurs and business, Ireland is the best choice which is buzzing with entrepreneurial creativity and dynamism from online gaming start-ups to new businesses launching products that aim to save lives and protect the environment.

English-speaking country

Ireland is an English-speaking country with close cultural, economic and educational links with the English-speaking world, especially with the UK – its next door neighbor – and with the USA. With 36% of the population under the age of 25, Ireland is one of the most exciting places in the English-speaking world to be for an international student.

Dublin – a student’s city

Dublin is home to many renowned universities. It is also a home to large international student population. TopUniversities.com have praised Dublin’s particularly friendly environment, great nightlife and global diversity as a constant draw for international students looking for a great opportunity to explore a growing city.

Supportive learning environment

Dedicated international offices work closely with administrative, academic and specialist staff to fully support students throughout their time in Ireland. Through these specialist support structures, students receive direct access to information, facilities, services and staff.

Fast Facts
  • IT hub of Europe (2nd largest in the World)
  • Graduate Job Search Visa
  • Straight Forward Visa Application
  • Best Education in the World
  • World’s Friendliest People
  • English Speaking Country
  • Safe, Family-Oriented Society
  • Paid Internship Available (for some course)
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