Our Service

Having the universal access to best universities in UK, Australia and USA, Keystone Global Network is here to provide you with guidance and help you require on reaching your extreme potential by getting access to world top education.

Career Counselling

Outperforming your expectations from us, we bring you our certified industry experienced education consultants. Their tailored approach will equip you regarding the updated immigration policies keeping in track of your background and helping you select the best university.You will also be prepared with the correct level of support concerning the course and the career prospects of your particular field helping you relate it to circumstances of your home country.

University and Visa Application

Key things for you to understand is the kind of educational environment, transport links, availability of accommodation, culture, cost of living, options for financing education, scholarships, etc. Rather going through seemingly endless menu of options, Keystone Global Network will identify where your strengths and interests lie on the basis of University or career you wish to pursue. We help you with shortlisting the right university and subject for you to select.

We are a specialized team in securing International Student Visa who will verify your documentation before visa application and will ensure you receive your visa on time.

IELTS Preparations

Needless to say, every universities application requires a series of tests that need to be cleared. Depending on countries and universities, you will require to stay focused on getting strong exam scores to level up your chances of getting accepted by your dream university.

Identifying the importance of other parameters, a good academic score is like a foot in the door at the university of your choice. Therefore, Keystone Global Network provides you with qualified IELTS panel preparing you, wholeheartedly.

Scholarships and Finances

Studying abroad can be costly; henceforth, shaping an idea among students to opt for scholarships. However, most of them lack behind the idea that they can apply for their current university on financial aid package in plus to scholarships. Keystone Global Network will suggest on scholarships available to you based on your choice of university and academic background.

Flight and Accommodation

We completely understand that students have a very hard time finding air tickets on required date in such rush hour. Adding to that, searching for accommodation to adjust in a completely new country on their own can be quiet intimidating. Identifying these subjects, we guide you with a suitable accommodation services and affordable travel arrangements concerning about reducing your workload.

Pre-Departure Preparation

We have designed this session to prepare you for abroad experience. This will equip our students every aspects of initial travel including the important process of enrolment, insurance, health and safety while in abroad, credit transfer, culture, etc.