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We, at Keystone aim to revolutionise the experimental learning by extending international boundaries, reflecting students’ individual capacity and inspire them to take personal action to make a positive change in the society. We support prospective students, current students and professionals explore the world, engage with communities and impact world via various Global Education Programmes or programmes offered by International Universities.

Our comprehensive programmes compose of curriculum, co-curricular activities, institutional policy, programs and research with global learning. Keystone strives toward providing a deeper perspective by considering and evaluating our interconnected social, political and cultural systems in such a manner that this link would benefit the necessary effort needed to eradicate global issues.

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    International Exposure trip to UTCC, Thailand

    After receiving outstanding feedbacks regarding our assistance to students on retrieving international training programme from UTCC, Thailand, we have committed on continuation toward this international exposure trip. The program has been designed to enable students to explore Thailand via well planned and interactive sessions conducted by international trainers, visit prominent industries, participate in interaction programmes with successful business/corporate leaders from Thailand.

    This trip is set on on-board journey where students can soak in the insights of veteran leaders as well as create a memorable experience in vibrancy of Thailand.

    Alibaba E-Commerce Training

    This training will offer students the basic understanding of ecommerce about the digital trend. Advanced courses will be taught regarding the operation of Alibaba accounts, introduction and hands on assignments of various important features of the online platform. The certifies trainer will educate students regarding various tricks of the trade covered helping learner receive more visibility on Alibaba platform.

    Adding to that, Alibaba E-commerce training will cover various trade facilitation services like trade finance, logistics, freights forwarding, credits and inspections to help regarding trade efficiency. In order to maintain a good outline.

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